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A Bridge Worth Saving: A Community Guide to Historic Bridge Preservation by Mike Mort

A Bridge Worth Saving“A Bridge Worth Saving is a call to action. Everything about this book –its structure, its content, its style- shouts “Save that old bridge!”
(Michigan State University Press, 2008)

Lessons learned from the restoration of the first three historic metal truss bridges at the Calhoun County Historic Bridge Park are featured in this book. Two more historic bridges were added to the park later, the Bauer Road Bridge and the Charlotte Highway Bridge.

Your purchase of A Bridge Worth Saving will contribute to the maintenance and preservation of the Calhoun County Historic Bridge Park.

A Bridge Worth Saving can be purchased at the Calhoun County Road Commission office.

Place orders with Linda Parker at (800) 781-5512 or email
lparker -at - calhouncrc.net

Price: $24.95 + Shipping $2.87

Click here to download a printable PDF flyer with this information.


Chicago's Bridges by Nathan Holth

Chicago's BridgesBy Nathan Holth, author of HistoricBridges.org, this book provides a discussion of the history of Chicago's movable bridges, and includes a virtual tour discussing all movable bridges remaining in Chicago today. The book includes dozens of full color photos.

Chicago's Bridges can be ordered directly from the publisher.

Price: $9.95 + Shipping

Click Here To Order The Book Online

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