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Craftsman's Newsletters and Articles


VJM Metal Craftsman makes a wide variety of articles available on historic metal truss bridges, including the digitization of historical articles. In addition, Vern Mesler produces Craftsman's Newsletter, which features news about Historic Bridge Park, Restoration Workshops, and other information of interest to those involved with historic truss bridges and their restoration. Workshops, and other information of interest to those involved with historic truss bridges and their restoration.

Click on a topic below to view a list of all available articles and documents. Documents are offered in PDF format unless otherwise specified.

Craftsman's Newsletter

Craftsman's Newsletter is the primary newsletter produced by Vern Mesler and VJM Metal Craftsman. The topics of each newsletter varies, but topics may include restoration techniques for historic bridges, updates on specific historic bridges, and findings of historic bridge research. If you are interested in receiving the latest newsletter by email, send an email requesting to be added to the newsletter mailing list.

Iron and Steel Preservation Newsletter

Iron and Steel Preservation Newsletter is a monthly newsletter, from Lansing Community College and edited by Vern Mesler, dedicated to education and preservation regarding restoration of riveted metal structures. Click here to add your name to the mailing list. You will receive the newsletter once every month.

VJM Metal Craftsman Events and Articles

Photo galleries and documentation of site visits, training, and preservation projects that VJM Metal Craftsman has been involved with.

Historic Bridge Articles

VJM Metal Craftsman has worked to digitize historical printed material on bridges that cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet. These articles provide background and information on historic bridges.

Schell Memorial Bridge - The Engineering Record

"The Schell Memorial Bridge" published in Volume 50 (No. 25 – 27) of The Engineering Record (1904, December 17, December 24, and December 31). Thanks to historian Elaine Davis and Michigan State University engineering librarian Tom Volkening for finding clear copies of these articles, digitized by Google from the collection of the University of Michigan.

Historic Bridge Articles By Other Authors

Additional articles being made available by VJM Metal Craftsman.

Charlotte Highway Bridge - Restoration Newsletters

These articles were produced during the restoration of this bridge to provide readers with updates and information about the restoration and its progress.



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